Professional Development Programs

Act, Feel, and Look the Part:

  1. How To Hone In on Your Personal and Professional Style To Ace Your Interview.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare young woman for a professional career by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in an interview. We will divide the “Act, Feel, and Look the Part” program into two workshops.

  •  “How to Dress for your Dream Job”
    1. Program Objectives:
      1. Explain why having a professional appearance can boost your chances of succeeding in the workplace
      2. Recognize the importance of proper attire as it relates to interviewing and business opportunities
      3. Understand the difference in business attire, business casual and casual.
      4. Understand the guidelines for proper attire from head to toe (grooming and makeup and hair).
      5. Know the importance and role of accessories.
  • Business Attire Fashion Show

After the completion of Part 1, ABI will coordinate and plan their own fashion show applying all techniques taught in “How to Dress for your Dream Job.”  We will work with outside retailers for donating the appropriate pieces, each team member will select their own “look” for an interview and will be judged on overall presentation. The winner will receive a gift card to a selected clothing store.


2. Mock Interviews for Young Professionals

Objectives: This program is designed to develop qualified professionals who want to improve
their interview techniques and prepare for various job and internship interviews. We hope to
create a prepared and confident group of women who will be able to effectively navigate the job
market and build substantial professional relationships.

  • Interview Readiness: This segment of the program will train participants to be successful during an interview. This includes:Applying professional experiences to each job you apply to, Knowing your interviewer: Researching the history of the company/organization you hope to work for. Also, researching the staff, Researching similar positions: gain knowledge on the same position from different perspectives.

So tell me about yourself: Most straight forward question, yet extremely complex. We will teach participant how to provide concise answers to this question that will be relevant to the position.
Do you have any questions for us: Another straight forward yet complex question.
What are the appropriate questions to ask your interviewer?  We will explore this component and prepare participants to answer this question.

  • Confidence builder exercises: o Self-preps o Physical techniques (breathing exercises, yoga).

 Mock Interview:This segment of the program will allow participant to practice the skills they’ve acquired be participating in an interview and engaging in a successful conversion with the employer.

  • Program officers will perform real-time interviews with participants;
  • Timed interviews: Was your interview longer than 15 minutes? Did you answer all questions.
  • Provide feedback
  • After interview follow-up: Let’s digress.


3. Land the Job- Resume Workshop

Objectives: “Land the Job” is a resume workshop that will help the youth create a resume that is clear and concise.

The workshop will focus on the general overview of resume writing and will be specifically designed for the youth. The workshop will be mainly presented through a powerpoint presentation with visuals.

  • First we will explain what a resume is and the importance of it. A resume is the first impression employers have of you. A resume is tells a lot about a person and can be the gateway for an interview.
  • Next we will explain the criteria of a good resume;

A good resume must be brief without excluding vital qualifications. Formatting must be uniformed and pleasing to the eye. Qualifications must be fabricated or exaggerated. Resume must focus on the strength of the individual. Resume Do’s and Don’t. List relevant work history. Do not add personal information (Social Security, Nicknames, relationship status). Utilize keywords (action words, i.e, “Executed, Monitored, Managed, Conducted, etc.). Does your resume mirror the description?

  • Part 2 – Land the job (Practical)

leaders will sit with youth one on one to review resume
resume exchange- Leaders will share their resume with youth.