Frequently Asked Questions

Do you coordinate your work with other organizations?

ABI believes firmly in the power of collaboration. ABI is committed to working with like-minded organizations and individuals to best serve our youth community and optimize our impact. We are proud to cooperate with the illustrious organizations and are eager to build additional relationships as we expand.

Who donates to ABI?

ABI is supported by donations from individuals, charitable foundations, private and corporations.

Are you affiliated with any religious or political parties?

ABI is a non-governmental organization, with no political, religious, or ethnic affiliation or prejudices. In as much, all employees keep their personal political, religious, and ethnic identity outside of ABI. Because of its extensive engagement with the community.

How are donations used?

Contributions to ABI transport children to and from our centers to trips, service project and events, buy classroom supplies; and improve the lives of families in the communities. ABI endeavors to cost-share as much as possible with local and international organizations. In this way, the community has a greater sense of ownership and accomplishment once the project is completed.