Prom Night

Around Prom season of every year, a graduating High School student of ABI is sponsored for prom. The cost for dress and accessories is covered by ABI. ABI host the cost for the young people we serve. The selected student enjoys an entire day with a leader who will help select a dress or a tuxedo with a pair of shoes and accessories for their prom night. This comes with a personal chauffeur.

Youth Awards Night

Young people do amazing things every day, whether it’s leading a community service project, helping a friend or family member in need, overcoming a personal hardship or difficult situation, enriching the lives of others through artistic expression, valuing cultural and/or social diversity, or setting a positive example for others to follow.  Each year, we  honor our community’s outstanding youths, teens and young adults who are making a difference in our community or making positive choices through the Chase Youth Awards.  The purpose is to show our youth we are proud of their actions and to feature them as community role models. We host a youth awards night for the youth group. They nominate each other for awards ranging from ‘student of the year’ to ‘biggest jokester’.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for an award this year!

Amusement Parks

The youth of ABI enjoy many trips to Amusement parks at the end of the school year for achieving good grades. They are rewarded for their excellent leadership and community involvement.

Beach Day

Members of ABI enjoys a beautiful day at the beach. This include a variety of games and beach BBQ

Momma Ramma/Mothers Day

Our group is like most youth groups, we do not know the parents as well as we would like to. So an idea to change that is to have everybody invite his or her mom or other significant female(grandmother, aunt, e.t.c) in their life for lunch/dinner. The youth presents a gift then read a letter written to the significant female in their life.