Who We Are

This foundation is designed for the youth to be part of a program that provides peer support and hope through discussions and activities and service projects. It is designed to educate youth on how to deal with the complex situations they face day to day.

Our Mission

ABI is a New York City based non profit leadership organization that aim to serve African American teenage girls from the 9th to 12th grade.  Through rigorous hands-on workshops, programs, activities and discussions, ABI strives to develop the skills necessary to excel as professional women and produce a new wave of confidence that will be successfully integrated into society.

Our Goals

  • College preparation
  • Providing other resources (pamphlets, contraception etc)
  • Job Opportunities
  • Self Care & Health- Life Skills, personal hygiene)
  • Exploring individual talents and goals through activities.
  • Most importantly Building leaders.

Some Opportunities Are

  1. Student exchange to abroad
  2. Scholarship Programs
  3. Job And Career Opportunities- Training (resumes etc)
  4. Discounts to Department Store etc.